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Nowadays more and more people buy more from online platforms. In that, all the people also become victims of fraud.

In this era of technology, most people now prefer to buy from online shopping site, from clothes to TV and fridge.

Because they get attractive deals and discounts on all products here. On the other hand, hackers are also targeting people using new methods.

So in such a situation, if you are also thinking of shopping online, then be sure to keep these things in mind before that.


  • Give priority to official website.

  • Beware of fake site.

  • Cash on delivery safest.

  • Tick ​​’no’ in save detail.

  • Amazon fulfilled.


1.Beware of fake site.

If you ask to order anything online, then you should order from its official website so that the security of your data will be increased.

Apart from the e-commerce website, you can also find your product on the official website or app of its producer company. Buy the item only when it is available there. In such a situation, you will get good goods and payment will also be safe.

Your only advantage in ordering from the official website. Just like you have ordered anything online and if you don’t like it later, that is why you can crack that order and get a refund too.

And we do the same process on another website, so we keep showing our payment refund on it. Better order it from the official website itself.

2.Beware of fake site.

There are more than 100 e-commerce websites running in the country. Some of these websites are well-known to the people, while there are others which only serve to deceive people.

Many times people are tempted by showing huge discounts on products here. Money is deducted upon ordering, but the goods either do not arrive or the wrong goods arrive. In such a situation, people have no choice but to repent.

If you are thinking of ordering from any such website, then, first of all, jazz it up completely about the website and order everything from it to jazz it up.

3.Cash on delivery safest.

Cash on delivery is the easiest and safest way to avoid any kind of online fraud.

If you get this facility while ordering an item, then you should choose it only. In this, the goods first reach you, after that you have to pay cash. In such a situation, the risk of fraud is reduced.

In case our delivery is safe from delivery, we take delivery only to ensure that our order is delivered.

4.Tick ​​’no’ in save detail.

When you enter your ATM card information while making a payment during shopping, you get an option to save card details.

Many times it is already ticked ok or yes. Before confirming the payment, remove the tick from yes and select no.

5.Amazon fulfilled.

You also know that companies like Flipkart and Amazon do not sell goods themselves. Different retailers sell their products through these companies’ sites.

In such a situation, it is important for you to read the review of the seller who is selling the goods before buying any goods. 

You will find the review on the site itself. Apart from this, if you are buying goods from Amazon, then you get the label of Amazon Fulfilled with it. 

Similarly, Flipkart is also labeled. Buy only the product with the level.



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