Most of you will be using smartphones. Many of these people will have a new phone, many will have an old one. In such a situation, many people will be troubled by the battery life of the smartphone.

Some people will complain that their phone gets hot during charging and many will complain that the battery of the phone runs out very soon.

All phones have the option of auto-brightness but it would be better for you not to use it.

You set the level of brightness according to your need, because in auto-brightness mode the phone decides the brightness according to the light, so the battery is consumed more.

Never fully charge or discharge the phone. Nowadays, the batteries coming in mobile phones do not need to be kept full or discharged. The phone has a low voltage so it is better if the battery stays at 20% to 90%.

Most of us leave many tabs open in the browser of the phone and forget to close them.

In this case, the battery is consumed due to the tabs in the background being open. If you want battery life, then close these tabs after being used.

Keep GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not needed because by doing so you can save a lot of battery.

Also, the phone will also work better because the phone has to put a lot of emphasis on running these applications. When Wi-Fi is on, the phone searches nearby networks, which consumes battery.

If you remove the phone from Vibrate mode, the battery will be saved. It is also dangerous for health as well as battery.

Apart from this, turn off the vibration that occurs when you press the phone’s button, because in reality it is of no use but the battery consumes.

Keep screentime out low. Meaning that when the work is finished after using the phone, the phone turns off the screen after a certain time.

If you set it to ’15 seconds’ then the battery will be left the most. Battery remains idle due to the screen being turned on for too long and not being used.

Do not do this if you keep Auto-sync on. Use it only if you need to update the email folder on the phone all the time. Otherwise, keep it off and sync yourself when you need to.

Call only when the signal is coming good. In a weak signal, the phone sucks more battery to find the signal and when there is no need to make a call or use a data pack, then put the phone on airplane mode.

Do not use the phone while charging. This is the reason why most companies are also keeping the charger coil short.

Using the phone while charging reduces the battery life of the phone. A battery has a fixed cycle of charging, that is, it will charge for a certain period of time and it is better to change the battery after the cycle is complete.

If the battery or charger goes bad, buy the charger/battery of the same company as the phone. By buying fake, local or any other company, the battery life is reduced.



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